Research methods

Research methods


  • Large quantitative surveys via face-to-face or telephone interviewing
  • Intercept interviews
  • “Natural exposure” testing for assessing the effectiveness of campaign material such as TV, radio, websites, and online ads
  • Randomized control trials (experiments using control groups) for planning, evaluation, and identifying winning solutions versus alternative candidate solutions
  • Techniques for estimating market potential
  • Model building
  • Extrapolation procedures
  • Qualitative approaches: focus groups, individual in-depth interviews
  • Continuous brand and advertising tracking surveys
  • Secondary analysis of large preexisting quantitative and qualitative information


Target populations

  • National representative general population surveys
  • Regional and city population surveys
  • Household surveys
  • Business surveys
  • Surveys of social organizations
  • Special population samples, i.e. identifiable groups according to special demographic, social, economic, professional, behavioural or other characteristics